AGE JET, Advanced Nitrogen Plasma Therapy is one of best non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. The plasma reconstructs the skin's natural architecture and stimulates collagen formation with little to no downtime

Advanced Nitrogen Plasma Therapy is one of best non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. The plasma reconstructs the skin’s natural architecture and stimulates collagen formation. Unlike other laser-based solutions, this rejuvenating treatment is applied to the entire surface of the skin where collagen synthesis and elastogenesis effects are desired. This method does not char the skin during treatment and uses a highly energized gaseous state known as plasma to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Plasma is produced inside the hand piece through the combination of nitrogen gas and microwaves. The plasma is emitted in a millisecond pulse to deliver energy to target tissue.

This non-ablative approach causes a physiological response without creating an open wound. Instead, the treated skin creates a natural dressing and optimal healing conditions, reducing the risk of infection. The patient’s epidermis sheds a few days after treatment, revealing a new epidermal layer with dramatically improved tone, texture, and laxity.

Benefits of AgeJet Nitrogen Plasma Therapy

Amanda strongly believes in continuing her education and doing extensive research to provide the best evidence-based treatments to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients. Her goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself! “When you sit in my chair, I will treat you like a friend. I build relationships with my clients because relationships are built on mutual trust. With mutually trust and understanding one another, I am able to give you the best recommendation. I pride myself on taking the time to really listen to all my clients, educate them, and treat them all with the upmost kindness, love, and respect, while delivering amazing results.” -Amanda Madrigal, BSN, RN, Owner You may ask why she chose the name Epion? Amanda chose the name Epion because it defines her nursing, aesthetics, and life in general. Epion Defined is: “You love change, adventure, and excitement. You love your freedom. Like a bird that needs its wings to live, you cannot exist without it. Freedom is the nucleus around which your life revolves. You need it for your very survival. By using freedom properly, you are able to explore and develop all your varied talents.

  • Light to Moderate Downtime
  • Promotes Improvement to Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Skin Laxity, Discoloration, Tone, & Texture
  • Non-ablative
  • No Scabbing
  • Treats Multiple Skin Types
  • Highly Effective

Which conditions and areas can be treated?AgeJet treatments may be performed on the face, upper and lower eye area, chest, neck, hands, Labia, and body.

At Epion Aesthetics And Wellness we specialize in 3 distinctive AgeJet treatments

  1. AgeJet EYE: delivers non-surgical blepharoplasty.
  2. AgeJet Smooth: Total facial resurfacing
  3. AgeJet Intimate: In office pain free non-surgical Labiaplasty

The following concerns can also be effectively treated:

  • Fine and deep wrinkles and lines
  • Sagging, loose skin
  • Skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation
  • Photodamage and age spots
  • Poor skin tone and texture
  • Loss of skin elasticity, known as elastosis
  • Active acne
  • Acne prevention and bacteria mitigation
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Actinic keratosis and seborrheic keratosis
  • Solar elastosis
  • Cherry angiomas, xanthomas, xanthelasma, solar lentigo, and benign moles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Freckles
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars, including Cesarean, breast implant, and acne
  • Inguinal crease
  • External vaginal revitalization

Additionally, skin feels rehydrated, firmer, and rejuvenated. With higher-energy treatments, you may experience the closest one can get to a face-lift without the surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AgeJET device converts nitrogen gas into energy, which is then transferred through the handpiece using controlled, ultra-high radiofrequency to penetrate and heat the tissue of the dermis to stimulate new elastin and collagen growth while removing damaged collagen.

AgeJET offers significant improvements when compared to older resurfacing technology. In the past this treatment often caused unwanted side effects such as changes in skin texture, pigmentation, skin whitening, and even scarring. Skin regeneration using PlasmaResurfacing enables results that are more predictable and safer for the skin’s structure.

Plasma Rejuvenation treats the entire structure of your skin. Other technologies target certain parts of your skin as a means of protecting tissue from damage, or because they are designed to treat specific skin damage or aging concerns.Because PlasmaResurfacing treats all of your skin, your wrinkles, elasticity, scars, pigmentation, and more can be simultaneously treated by this one device.

AgeJET never breaks or damages the skin’s surface. Lasers andother treatments work byablatingor vaporizing the surface of the skin to trigger healing responses. CO2 lasers, for example,can have significant complications and downtime. Instead, this unique form of energy allows controlled rapid heating over treatment areas, stimulating collagen remodeling and restoring skin elasticity—all while leaving the overlying epidermis intact.

There’s a three-fold benefit to AgeJET skin resurfacing processof treating without creating open wounds:

  1. There’s less downtime.
  2. Over time, your healthy upper skin layer provides protection as the deeper, treated tissue underneath is entirely remodeled during the physiological process of regeneration.
  3. Non-ablated skin means less chance of infection and a safer, less stressful overall experience.AgeJET is FDA-cleared for general dermatological conditions. Worldwide, over 50,000 of this type of skin treatment have been performed in a span of ten years, and overthirty Institutional Review Board independent clinical studies have been completed.

    Another major advantage of AgeJET treatments is that discomfort and pain are notably reduced and there is a shorter recovery period, typically between twoto ten days, depending on the intensity of the treatment.This treatment does not require the use of anesthetic for treatments.

We recommend all of our resurfacing patients use Alastin Skincare’sProcedure Enhancement System 14-30 days before your treatment. Pre-treating with this system will clear non-functioning collagen and impurities and prepare your skin for optimal results. Continuing Alastin after treatment will minimize downtime and elevate results.

An average full-face treatment is approximately 25 minutes. Treatments times may vary if you're targeting specific areas of the face or body.

2 weeks prior to the treatment

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning for at least two weeks prior to treatment.
  • Use a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30+ zinc oxide or titanium diocide-based sunblock.
  • This should be applied thoroughly to all areas intended for treatment.
  • Additional sun protective measures such as a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and su protective clothing will help to protect your skin before and following your treatment.

1 week prior to the treatment
  • Exfoliates (scrubs, washes and other treatments that remove the outermost part of the skin) should not be used in the week prior to treatment
  • If you just started using topical treat tretinonins, such as cosmetics containing Retin A, in the last month, you will be advised to discontinue use.

Your treatment skin may feel warm like a sunburn for several hours. Prior to leaving the physician's office, a layer of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline will be applied to your treated skin. Treated skin be fragile. Treat it gently. Your skin will be pink to red, it is important not to pick at your skin during the process. Keep it moist with petroleum jelly.

What will my skin look like?
None of your skin will be removed during the treatment but depending on the type of treatment you have received; the outer layer of treated skin may eventually peel or flake. Your physician will tell you when you should expect to see this happen.

AgeJet releases energy in a series of precisely controlled pulses. The heat gnerated by the handpiece penetrates deeply, leaving the epidermis completely intact.

AgeJet triggers a neocollagenesis process which continues up to a year after treatment. Treatment results in natural, healthy, firmer, younger, lustrous skin. Since we continue to age every year, we recommend that you follow a skin care regimen and a maintenance treatment annually.

There is no significant downtime with AgeJet™. Light erythema, or redness, is expected after the treatment and should subside within 3 days. Some patients have reported flaking of the skin or dryness; however, this is dependent upon the intensity of the treatment.

AgeJet Laser Treatment Results